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The Yachting House by MOOMOO Architects

By Adrian Prisca


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Quite an important name in the architecture business, MooMoo Architects, a Poland based studio, have recently presented their latest project, a stunning residential construction for yacht lovers. The most staggering feature of this project is the fact that the residents are able to anchor their private yacht inside the home’s structure.

Reportedly called the Yachting House, it was built for two clients, named Lukasz Pastuszka and Jakub Mejwski. To be able to host the yacht, the architects have had to introduce a water canal through the central area of the house, along with a lock lift, enabling thus the yacht to sail along the kitchen’s and living room’s windows.

In terms of appearance, the Yachting House boasts a minimalistic look, monochromatic paintjob and angular design. Adding its intriguing garden, it covers a total of 1,457 square meters. The yacht inside won’t perturb any of the activities of the residents and their guests, having absolutely no impact on the surrounding areas. It gets even more interesting, as the surrounding land can be used for all sorts of purposes, from parties to playgrounds or sunbathing.

In addition, this magnificent project boasts with terrace railings inspired from mooring handles, while the lounge areas feature seating arrangements almost like those aboard. Not to mention that the Yachting House is elegant, pure, intricate to the uttermost detail, comfortable and a pleasure to look at.


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