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The world’s most expensive business cards from Black Astrum

If you’re a public figure and want other people to know how to reach you, and furthermore need to present yourself accordingly, this business card is what you may be looking for. Designed and crafted by Black Astrum, the Signature Card range comprises diamond-encrusted business cards aimed towards the high-class society and those who afford them.

A complete set of Black Astrum Cards contain more than 30 carats of diamonds, allowing their owner to stand out of other means of presentation, in a totally unique way. The concept director of the cards, Sufian Khawaja, declared that “the Signature Card allows our members to express themselves in a truly unique way.”

The cards were crafted using high-end technology and Swiss materials, plus highest-quality diamonds, these facts allowing the cards to easily stand out of the business-card domain. With a price tag of £1,000 per card, and coming in packages of 25, 50 or 100 cards, they were initially crafted for a moneyed Middle-Eastern family. So, why not spending up to £100,000 to present yourself?



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