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Bulgari Daniel Roth Grande Sonnerie Quantieme Perpetual

By Adrian Prisca


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Watches are the best gadgets today to determine one’s character. You may even make an idea about someone just by looking at his watch, concerning style and caring. And one good example of a watch that truly deserves caring and defines a strong character is the Daniel Roth Grande Sonnerie Quantieme Perpetual Watch by Bulgari.

Aimed towards customers of the highest classes, the superb timepiece is said to chime more than 433,500 times per year, if continuous operation is assured. The movement mechanism of the watch comprises a whopping 923 components, with a rotor that assures efficient automatism.

Watch enthusiasts out there would think a manual-winding principle would have been a lot more elegant, and considering the level of design and manufacture of the watch, but we say automatism does very well too.

The array of parts that do up this watch is amazing: it features a perpetual calendar, tourbillion, Grande or Petite Sonerie, silence mode, Westminster Carillon chimes, power reserve indicators, a load of securing mechanisms, weekday indicator, month indicator, Leep Year Indicator, moon phases, automatic winding system for both the striking system and movement, silent centrifugal governor and many more.

So far so good, but we’ve arrived at the less-fun part. The exquisite timepiece costs a bit over $1 million.


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