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The wonderful Volna Table by Nüvist defies traditional forms

By Adrian Prisca


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Home & Leisure items look more and more interesting nowadays, while their efficiency and practicality has already got to unbelievable levels. Less for practicality and more for the looks, Nȕvist design firm from Turkey presents the Volna Table, a piece out of any ordinary table styles and materials.

Mainly based on the movement on matter, these particular tables are symbols of asymmetry and irregularity. When looking at it, it seems to move and rejects any static design, letting away an impression of softness and visual pleasure. The tables meet some degree of functionality, definitely not a low one, but their main aspects are the purely futuristic looks and technologies used, as well as the modern materials from which they were crafted.

This particular furniture comes in an array of colorations, models and shapes, making it ideal for modern and contemporary offices, while adding a bit of extravagance and exotic to the atmosphere. Plus, we dearly hope to find out the prices of these, soon.


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