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The Wiltshire Countryside hides the superb Devizes Castle

By Thom Esveld


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Built in the 1830s to replace the royal mansion Henry VIII gave to Catherine of Aragon as a gift, the spectacular Devizes Castle in Wiltshire, UK is a legitimate English castle, with turrets and castellations and full of centuries of history.

The old royal estate that existed before on those grounds was passed down through kings and queens and royal families since the 12th century and until the English Civil War in 1648, when it was taken apart. The mound, the outline of the moat and several parts of the foundation are all that remains of the original castle.

The actual one looks exactly like a proper English castle from medieval times, with fantastic views around, a quiet and remote location, with long hallways boasting big rooms with oak floorboards, high wooden ceilings and grand fireplaces, stone archways and window shutters.

There’s a wide wooden central staircase with small spiral stone staircases on the sides. The 9,117 sq ft property boasts six full modern bathrooms, a total of nine bedrooms and a big well equipped family kitchen.

Inside its big imposing gates, the castle offers privacy, lush green gardens with roses and various other flowers and picturesque sheltered walks that go through specimen trees and stone archways.

The Devizes Castle is listed as an English Heritage Grade I which states that permission is needed to make any changes to it. The price tag for such a royal property is a decent $2.85 million.


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