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The VPI Traveler Turntable from VPI Industries

By Adrian Prisca


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Once the most popular musical players in the world, turntables are now extremely valued throughout the masses of enthusiasts and alike. The piece in these images is entirely manufactured in the United States by VPI Industries. The company was started back in the 1970s as a manufacturer of components for record players.

It now aims at capturing vinyl heads through the state of the art VPI Traveler Turntable. The machine boasts with a 10 inch removable tonearm, which allows for facile cartridge changing, a stainless steel and aluminum damped platter, a 600 RPM low noise motor for a state of the art turntable option and a low friction bearing assembly.

It is purchasable for no less than $1,300. The strongest point of the gadgets’ sales is that part of the money received from the customers will be donated to the Girl Scouts and for research in pancreatic cancer.


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