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Diddo Velema has created The Cure for Greed

By Adrian Prisca


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Diddo Velema’s latest creation, The Cure for Greed, may genuinely be one of the most curious things I have ever seen. Based in Amsterdam, the conceptual artist has put together an injection kit with two 24 carat gold plated syringes, one 5 ml dose of dollar ink and two gold plated needles whose sole aim is to … cure greed.

The ink was literally used on dollar bills, Diddo having chopped a whopping $10,000 worth of US currency to turn them into pulp and then, through the use of different chemical separation procedures, he extracted the pigment from the money. The ink was re-stabilized into liquid state and then poured into genuine medical vials.

According to Diddo’s own words, the project represents “an invitation to reexamine our assumptions and inject them with the type of energy that will ensure new and evolving perspectives”. The set costs $10,000 and comes packaged in a custom-made, personally monogrammed mahogany box. It’s quite a cool idea, this.

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