The Velaa Island Resort in Maldives

One thing is clear when choosing to go on vacation: you should always try to find something which is way above the lifestyle you’re accustomed with. For example, the Velaa resort in the superb Maldivian Archipelago is one perfect choice.

The resort, located on a private island, provides a satisfying load of entertainment, privacy and relaxation in a minimalistic setting, a pack of luxurious villas beautifully integrated in an idyllic natural paradise, all around and as far as the eye can see.

Gorgeously mixing the natural with the artificial, the resort provides superb outdoor and indoor facilities and living spaces, the guests being able to choose from either romantic water villas or beach bungalows.

If one’s looking forward to finding luxury, splendor, comfort and intimacy, he’ll surely find them all here. Gorgeous interior decorations, stunningly relaxing atmosphere, breathtaking surroundings, professional services and marvelous accommodation – these are all just some metaphors which pale in comparison with the lifestyle at Velaa. Why don’t you just come and try it yourself?

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