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The Swarovski-embellished MH30 On Ear Headphones

By Victor Baker


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MH30 On Ear Headphones

Master & Dynamic has recently teamed up with luxury accessories designer Carolyn Rowan to create a limited edition set of jet black Swarovski crystal-beaded MH30 On Ear Headphones.

This combination might sound odd and a bit intriguing, but things are way simpler than that: we’re dealing with an exquisite and classy project, that’s perfect for audiophiles who want to stand out a little.

Equipped with the powerful 40 mm custom neodymium drivers of the MH30 On Ear Headphones, as well as the signature sound profile of Master & Dynamic, these earphones feature the best of both worlds, delivering crystal clear sound in a stylish package.

MH30 On Ear Headphones

Master & Dynamic will produce these gorgeous jet black Swarovski crystal-beaded headphones in limited numbers, with the price for a set going at $1,000. Available on the company’s official website and five selected stockists across the globe, these headphones actually look better than they sound. Or is it the other way around?

We’re not the ones to make that decision, so you are more than welcomed to get your own set and find out.

MH30 On Ear Headphones

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