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The Sublime Cocoon Tree Floats above Ground

Cocoon Tree

Cocoon Trees are what some of you might call tents, although we prefer to think of them as uber cool hangout places, with a variable location. Priced at around $8,000, these awesome spherical structures will definitely stand out, no matter where they are placed.

With a frame made out of lightweight aluminum, covered in a sturdy waterproof tarpaulin, these suspended chill out spaces are rigged with ropes and secured by nets. Weighing in at around 130 pounds, a Cocoon Tree sounds like a comfortable way of floating around and enjoying life.

Cocoon Tree

Furthermore, aside from suspending your cocoon in a tree, you may also use it on the ground,  thanks to its set of adaptable feet. Better yet, you can also set it on a floating platform, or fix it on a post driven into the bottom of a lake.

It’s all a matter of choice and taste, really; but Cocoon Trees are made to order, upon customer input on size and color. Rest assured, you’ll be safe and sound, not to mention impressed by this new way of traveling around the world.

Cocoon Tree



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