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The Sigma SD1 “Wood Edition” Camera is here

By Adrian Prisca


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The luxury industry has reached the world of photo-shooting. The German company Sigma has just announced the production of a new, special edition, Sigma SD-1 wooden-case camera. Given that the preparations of the wood can take as long as 60 hours – milling, sawing, grinding and polishing, this piece is extremely exquisite.

Plus, the wood comes from the root of a rare Asian tree, Amboyna Burl. The number of pieces that will be put into production is limited to just 10. The colors may differ, because the wood comes from different parts of the tree. The case is detachable, and you can have your DSLR camera without it as well, and, using the 46 Megapixels, you can catch the greatest shots out there.

A 16-kg telephoto zoom lens – Sigzilla belonged to an earlier edition Sigma. The Sigma SD1 Wood Edition will cost around $14,000. If you don’t need any surplus lens, there’s also the Sigma SD1 Wood Edition, available and orderable.


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