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Smokers’ Retreat: Havana Club in La Quinta, California

For the ones who really enjoy smoking, there’s a new cigar lounge-meets-barbershop called Havana-Club in la Quinta, California. It’s open to every cigar enthusiast, where they can try pieces from Nicaragua, Honduras and the Dominican Republic. One can try 14 different lines of cigars (for prices between $10 and $55 per piece), plus some other “pleasurable” services, like manicure, massage, shoe-polish and many more, for prices ranging $10 to $40.

If any guest raises a request for even more special cigars, the lounge can order those. There are other amenities available, like TVs, outdoor patio and indoor lounge, a walk-in humidor and for $500 per year you can rent 12 cigar lockers. The whole spot is great, from day to night; the Santa Rosa Mountains rise above the La Quinta Resort & Club like beautiful guardians, offering breathtaking views.

Ever heard of hacienda? Get here and you’ll see the style covering the place, along with luxury. The place received famous guests, from actors, to sportsmen and even presidents. And it awaits you as well.



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