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Luxurious Residence in Los Angeles, California

During 2008, Corr Contemporary Homes have built a residence over 6,800 sq ft that challenges even the sharpest minds out there. Designed by McClean Design, the Blue Jay Way Residence combines contemporary with extravagance, through luxurious rooms, superb finishes and a breathtaking view.

The estate offers is situated above admirable landscapes. The Sunset Strip can be viewed while relaxing on the property, near the pool-side fire or even in the lavish pool. There’s also a compact garden and deluxe exterior amenities. The interior comprises dark-colored walls, white furnishings and a sleek way of putting these together to offer a marvelous contrast.

There’s a huge master bedroom, living area with a breathtaking view, a modern kitchen equipped with state-of-the-art tools and appliances and a bathroom that cannot be described in any human language. Good work, architects! A great location, with great equipment and residential space, the Blue Jay Way Residence cannot be compared with anything else.



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