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The Royalé Dream Will Help Live Out Your Fantasies

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Royalé Dream

The Royalé Dream is a new incredible perfume created by Cuarzo The Circle and the World of Diamonds Group. The two labels wanted to create the world’s most expensive perfume and unveiled this luxurious fragrance combo at the Singapore Grand Prix just a week ago.

Showing off three exquisite fragrances – one for ladies, one for men and a neutral scent – the Royalé Dream fragrance is worth its weight in diamonds, so to speak. The masculine scent uses the expensive pure Oud oil, stored in a bottle with 10 diamonds weighing 0.41 carats while ladies will enjoy notes such as lotus, water lily and violet contained in a bottle with six pink diamonds. The unisex version of the fragrance features 24k gold flakes literally floating in the liquid.

All of these incredibly stunning fragrances come in a unique Fabergé egg, with lambskin interiors. Furthermore, these bottles are accompanied by an elegant blue diamond and white gold ring with a stone weighing 0.85 carats. Now, for the most shocking of news: this one-of-a-kind creation will cost you more than $190,000. Talk about exclusivity!

Most websites out there say that Royalé Dream is the world’s most expensive fragrance, but a couple of years ago we’ve actually published a list with the most expensive perfumes in the world, and Clive Christian’s Imperial Majesty Perfume was priced at $215,000, which is just a little more than this bespoke fragrance.

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