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The ROV Underwater Drone Will Capture Underwater Fun

By Victor Baker


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ROV Underwater Drone

Drones are quickly taking over the news, the skies and most recently social events and all kinds of competitions. There are already a lot of drone fans, enthusiasts, and debates concerning this subject, not to mention FAA’s intense involvement and efforts in the matter.

But drones that try to conquer the depths are a very, very rare breed and designer Ron Ferencz aims to change the way we look at drones in general with the ROV Underwater Drone. One thing’s for sure: this underwater drone looks way more interesting than expected.

ROV Underwater Drone

Packing three propellers – two at the back and one on top of its body – the ROV 360 underwater drone will easily swim through water and change direction as its user commands it to. Ferencz outfitted the front of the underwater explorer with a Canon lens attached to a double-jointed arm, that’s super easy to operate, helping you get incredible results with the right angle for that perfect shot. .

We’ve heard of waterproof drones before, although rare as they are, but you should expect to see more of these beauties trying to get some cool footage below water. In the meantime, let’s just have some fun with this one and discover its flaws and weaknesses, only to improve upon it and search for that perfect toy.

ROV Underwater Drone

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