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The Redhorse Osaka Wheel Is Japan’s Ferris Wheel Mammoth

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Redhorse Osaka Wheel

The earth is planning to become a huge playground for the Martians, it may seem. You may have heard about Ferrari’s plans of building its fourth theme park in North America, but far away, across the seas, Japan is working on the jaw dropping, 405-feet high, Redhorse Osaka Wheel, designed to be the fifth tallest in the world.

Breaking records and rules has yet again inspired people to come up with a mesmerizing project, that could totally dwarf the London Eye.

This massive ferris wheel is actually three times taller than London’s landmark, welcoming people to experience it within 72 passenger cabins with transparent, glass floors.

The Ferris wheel will be set up in Osaka’s Expocity, the Expo 70 Commemorative Park, starting this July, with the Redhorse Osaka Wheel expected to make a complete rotation in 18 minutes. I’m not going to ask ‘who’s first?’, since that seat’s taken; I will, however, ask who wants to follow me and savor a unique experience?

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Victor Baker

Victor has always been a big fan of cars, which is why he’s so proud to call himself a genuine petrolhead these days. His love actually stemmed from his father, who was an automotive engineer. Today, he loves to write down everything that comes to mind, car-related or not, and when he really gets down to it, he pretty much becomes one with his laptop.

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