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The Porsche Office Chair RS Will Get You Cruising

Porsche Office Chair RS

First off, I beg of you not to consider this a late April Fools Day joke; the Porsche Office Chair RS is the real deal, an incredible office chair built to the same specifications as the seats in a 911 GTS and GT3 supercar. The sporty seat benefits from fine leather or Alcantara trimming, while also bragging about a rechargeable battery for the backrest adjuster.

Similar to what Porsche 911 drivers experience, the Office Chair RS comes with a jacket hook on the back and a Porsche crest sewn right into the headrest.

Porsche Office Chair RS

As you’d expect, Porsche will be delivering this uber cool office chair in more than just one trim level. The German automaker anticipated the fans’ excitement about this new office chair and went ahead to create a fun promotional video as well.

The base version of this sporty chair costs $5,690, while the Alcantara version will set you back $6,570. Sure, not a lot of people can afford one, but you might get the idea of designing your own office chair out of some old Porsche seats. Nonetheless, whatever direction you take, I think we can all agree we want one!

Porsche Office Chair RS

Office chair RS – the original Porsche 911 sports seat.

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