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The Perfect Pencil by Faber-Castell – world’s most expensive

If you know luxury, than you’re probably rolling a Faber-Castell pen through your fingers while reading my words. The German manufacturer of luxury writing instruments has been producing the Graf von Faber-Castell series line for quite a long period of time now, yet it hasn’t concluded.

The series was initiated by the great-grandson of the man that founded the brand, Baron Lothar von Faber, back in 1839. The Graf von Faber-Castell encompasses all sorts of precious rollerball pens, fountain pens, mechanical pencils and regular pencils, garnished with the latest in terms of exquisiteness.

The brand is currently using superb materials for the pieces they produce, like ivory, ebony and resin, for that special look a magnate wants. In addition, their collection includes “the oldest surviving wood case pencil, the smallest pencil in the world and the most expensive pencil in the world.”

The last of the ones I mentioned has been designated the Perfect Pencil. It costs $12,800 a piece and has been crafted from 99 individual parts. Each of the pencils is made of 240-year-old olive wood. In fact, the limited edition pencils had seen the light of day back in 2001, and have been manufactured ever since.

Of course, most of them were sold out. Apart from that, in terms of looks, they feature end pieces and extenders, quite interesting indeed considering they are just simple pencils. Both of them have been made of white gold palladium, while the extender also sports a sharpener and a built-in eraser. The eraser itself is easily replaced, while for the extender Faber-Castell used 18-carat white gold.

Moreover, remove the lid and you’ll come across three diamonds, of the best quality possible, under the count’s coat of arms. Of course, whoever buys these pencils will also be granted a certificate of authenticity for the precious diamonds, for reasons of certainty. Now, you’re probably wondering about the role of the diamonds – they symbolise the mark of the third millennium Zaman of 00.06 carats.



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