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Bluetooth device by Orb

Orb Company has recently come up with a very impressive device aimed towards permanently-busy professional women. The stunning gadget is in fact a Bluetooth system, available in two different versions.

There are the “Deluxe” and the “Standard”, both of them using the brand new concept of sound transmission, with bone-conductivity technology. Thus, the only thing you need to do is put the device on, and that’s sort of it. Moreover, as you finish your conversation, the headset can be converted into a ring and carried regularly on the hand.

The main difference between the “Standard” and the “Deluxe” versions is that the second one boasts a flexible OLED display on which the user is able to check out the calendar, eventual voice-to-text information and identify calls.

Furthermore, there are two more brands working on developing this device – “Hydra Advanced Technology” and “AbsolutelyNew”. In terms of pricing, the Deluxe piece can be yours in exchange for $175, while the standard one costs $129. They can  even be embellished with stones and jewels, on request, but the price rises as well.



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