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The Onean Electric Surf Board Makes Its Own Waves

By Victor Baker


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onean electric surf board

Onean is a new name to us, but it will probably stick. Based in Spain, this company has decided to make surfers and paddleboarders really happy by unveiling a new exciting product, an electric jet board that could change everything about the way you have fun on water.

Thanks to a battery and a water jet which were added to the conventional surfboard, the Onean Electric Surf Board will allow you to enjoy high speeds even over calm waters. That means you can get a powered riding experience, without needing waves, wind or paddles to move around on the water.

onean electric surf board

Designed in collaboration with Bizintek Engineering and Design, the Onean boards offer a silent and environmentally friendly way to ride rivers, lakes and ocean fronts. These boards are built out of a lightweight composite material and will also come with a special handheld thrust controller that will allow you to change the speed.

Onean is already jumping these boards into production with two commercial models set to be released on the market in the next months. Performance and availability hasn’t been announced yet, but I’m sure we’re going to hear a lot more about Onean and their surf boards pretty soon.

onean electric surf board

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