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The Oasis Eco Resort Is As Green As It Is Amazing

Oasis Eco Resort

The Oasis Eco Resort is another architectural marvel to be built in the UAE desert, a breathtaking project equipped with 157,000 square feet of solar panels, producing sufficient energy to power the 8,400 square foot high-end development. Designed by Baharash Architecture for the Dubai-based Eco Resort Group, the Oasis Eco Resort will be the greenest resort in the region and also the greenest of its kind in the world.

Recycling waste water on site for irrigation, onsite waste management, the enforcement of a zero emission zone and the massive surface of solar panels located actually on top of the resort are just some of the impressive features of this project. The unique roof was designed to maximize solar panel efficiency, while wildlife biologists and a conservation staff will be on location as well.

Oasis Eco Resort

The accommodations and functional areas are distributed around the spring, which will act as the tranquil heart of the resort and its life source. 84 incredible interconnecting suites will be on offer, providing amazing views and an outdoor terrace. Also to be enjoyed are other key spaces, including the fitness center, which is furnished with smart equipment, the restaurant and bar.

The resort’s restaurant will offer indigenous delicacies, and organic international fine cuisine. Guests will have the chance to experience Dune dinning in the desert or dining by the spring, with a wide selection of fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy and local meat being delivered from farms in the nearby village.

If all fails, the health and Therapeutic spa facilities, which use organic ingredients, will surely leave a lasting impression on you. Set for completion in 2020, the Oasis Eco Resort is just another extraordinary project that will visit the United Arab Emirates in the next years.

Oasis Eco Resort


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