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The new Ombre Mercure Extreme by Terry de Gunzburg

By Victor Baker


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Ombre Mercure Extreme

A reinvention of the original Ombre Mercure, the new Extreme version by Terry de Gunzburg is a new signature scent only available as part of Harrods’ exclusive fragrances. This extravagant addition to Terry de Gunzburg’s seducing collection of fragrances is an olfactory fantasy mixing Bergamot, violet leaves, iris, Patchouli, and benzoin, which surely smells as awesome as it sounds.

Ombre Mercure Extreme

Meant for those of a more passionate nature, this blend features accents of violet, reminiscent of loose powder, red lipstick and of the classic chypre blends. According to the official description of this luxurious perfume, at the heart of the fragrance you will sense shimmering notes of noble iris, followed by notes of patchouli and benzoin.

The Ombre Mercure Extreme Extrait de Parfum comes in a new Art Deco-inspired bottle, allowing the skin to be fully embroidered by an olfactory design of woody and powdery notes. If you’re willing to pay £235 for a 100 ml bottle of this extreme fragrance, you might be the one to tease your significant other, in the most seductive way possible.

Ombre Mercure Extreme

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