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The New Louis Vuitton Pernelle Tote Makes Our Shopping List

By Victor Baker


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Louis Vuitton Pernelle Tote

Did anyone else notice that most girls or women mostly use tote bags for their airplane carry-ons? It’s understandable, for sure; they’re spacious, lightweight and extremely versatile, since their interiors can be partitioned in an endless series of ways, that’s why these bags are the ideal travel companions.

But things tend to get heavy when you carry all your essentials, and then some, and that’s exactly what the designers behind the fresh Louis Vuitton Pernelle Tote considered when they imagined the next best thing for ladies on the go. Well, that depends on who you ask, but fashion enthusiasts will surely agree with us today.

Louis Vuitton Pernelle Tote

Louis Vuitton’s Pernelle Tote is meant to be the ultimate traveler’s bag, and at 17 inches wide, it’s also perfect for the current trend with big bags. It features a super chic exterior, with rolled double top handles or a wide strap, which makes it suitable for both hand or elbow carry, and even for hands-free usage.

The French luxury brand hasn’t provided any information on this new bag’s strap drop yet, but we do know that the bag comes in one size and one material, at least for now: Taurillon leather. Available in three shades, the Pernelle Tote features a big LV logo in the lower right side, and each version is set to cost you $3,650. The question is: where are you going, now that you have the perfect travel companion?

Louis Vuitton Pernelle Tote

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