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The Bandit9 Dark Side Comes from a Galaxy Far, Far Away

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Bandit9 Dark Side

Showing off a ravishing pitch-black exterior that could fit in any thriller movie plot and bragging about the perfect mix of elegance and power, the Bandit9 Dark Sidebike blends a dark attitude with absolute beauty. Handcrafted to perfection with an understated, yet intimidating aesthetic, the bike’s profile has been inspired by an airplane’s aerodynamics.

That’s why it features a smooth unibody, which fuses together the cowl, fuel tank, seat and brake light in the most beautiful way possible. I’m not sure about aerodynamics and performance, but there’s a mysterious appeal to this bike, that’s somewhat difficult to explain. Just feel free to go with it and enjoy the ride.

Bandit9 Dark Side

If you ask us, the Bandit9 Dark Side looks sleek and minimalist – just like Lord Vader’s helmet. Powered by a 750cc liquid-cooled engine with a 60º v-twin, this unique motorcycle benefits from 43 lb-ft of torque and 7,995 rpm. The ‘revX’ engine sits closer to the ground than usual, with the lower center of gravity promising improved handling at low speeds.

There’s also a Vance & Hines competition exhaust, constructed by using lightweight steel and coated in a high-temperature ceramic finish, complementing the aforementioned engine and aiming to match the bike’s menacing looks with the proper soundtrack. Unfortunately we don’t have any word on pricing on other details yet, but judging by the gallery below, orders should be pouring in. Do you want one?

Bandit9 Dark Side

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Victor Baker

Victor has always been a big fan of cars, which is why he’s so proud to call himself a genuine petrolhead these days. His love actually stemmed from his father, who was an automotive engineer. Today, he loves to write down everything that comes to mind, car-related or not, and when he really gets down to it, he pretty much becomes one with his laptop.

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