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The new HYT H5 Brings a new Movement and Concept of Time

By Vlad Craciun


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HYT has always had a different vision for watchmaking. This time, with their newly released HYT H5, they come with an interesting philosophy for representing the passing of time. The new timepiece features a high-tech micro-fluidic module driven by a mechanical movement to show the time.

What that means is that they are using liquids to show time. They used two immiscible liquids working in opposition, one showing the time gone and the other showing the future. Well, not quite the future, but the time to come. Right in the middle of these two liquids, the point where they meet – the meniscus as they call it, is the actual present moment.

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The HYT H5 also comes with a new proprietary movement, the Calibre 501. It’s revolutionary both in design and functionality and was HYT’s main challenge in crafting the new watch. Calibre 501 has a 4Hz frequency and comes with up to 65 hours of power reserve.

On the display, the minutes are shown at 12 o’clock and the seconds at 10 o’clock. There’s also a wound indicator at 2 o’clock which shows when you need to wound the watch. Aesthetically, the H5 is sophisticated, with the visible architectural movement under its stunning sapphire dome.

The huge 48.8 mm case comes in steel and it actually feels a lot lighter on the wrist than you’d think given the specs. The watch is launched in two limited editions of 25 units each, with dark tones and green, with nuances of black or gray to differentiate. The price tag rises to a cool $55,000.

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