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Introducing the Leica M10-P “SC Asset – 17 Years of Passion”

By Vlad Craciun


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LEICA M10 P SC Asset

It’s a celebration, but this time it’s not Leica’s. An acclaimed Thai real estate company called SC Asset celebrated its 17th anniversary this year and for that they’ve partnered with the legendary German camera manufacturer Leica to create a limited edition camera that looks absolutely incredible.

It’s called the Leica M10-P “SC Asset – 17 Years of Passion” and only 30 units will be produced. This new limited edition Leica brings in the brand’s signature elements and adds some interesting details to the mix: a vintage design for the body, with pure brass elements that will oxidize in time and give off that nice old appearance we’re all looking for nowadays.

LEICA M10 P SC Asset 3

Charcoal and green leather wrap the body of the camera, with engravings on the top reflecting the perspective and isometric drawings that SC Asset uses in architecture. When it comes to the tech side of things, the M10-P features the latest and greatest.

Expect touch functionality from the new display, allowing for faster and more fluid control of the focus in Live View and Playback modes, and photo browsing during Playback. There’s also a digital level gauge which allows to perfectly align the camera so you won’t need to make corrections later in post processing.

And, probably the most interesting feature, the new Leica M10-P comes with the most silent shutter of their M series.

LEICA M10 P SC Asset 2

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