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The Netherlands’ €16 Million Pontsteiger Penthouse Is What You’d Call Expensive

By Victor Baker


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Pontsteiger Penthouse

Earlier this week, Christie’s International Real Estate has announced that the Netherlands’ most expensive penthouse has finally found its new owner. Located in the heart of Amsterdam, the massive 1,440 square meters penthouse is yet to be built, but we do know that the Amsterdam-based restaurant tycoon Won Yip is the lucky buyer.

The entire top floor of the currently under construction 90-meter tall ‘Pontsteiger’ building represents the most expensive penthouse ever sold in the Netherlands, as well as the largest penthouse to be ever built in the country.

Pontsteiger Penthouse

Dreamed up by Christie’s real estate, the penthouse actually combines four apartments into one mega penthouse. The Pontsteiger building, on the other hand, was designed by Dutch architects Arons en Gelauff, to be built on a small plot separately created in the small ‘IJ’ lake.

The building’s design features an interesting shape, that already gained the nickname of ‘the new gate of Amsterdam’. The Pontsteiger building boasts a total of 300 apartments for rent and 100 apartments for sale. It also brags about its own private marina, where 45 yachts may compete for the ‘most beautiful’ title.

Pontsteiger Penthouse

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