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The Ultra-Rare Riva Ferrari 32 Speedboat Is a Super Cool Water Toy

By Victor Baker


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Riva Ferrari 32

RM Sotheby’s usually teases us with ultra rare and very appealing cars – old, new, super expensive, and so on; basically, everything we’d love to own but can’t afford to (at least right now).

But rules and boundaries are meant to be broken, which is why the famed auction house has revealed images of an uber-rare 1990 Riva Ferrari 32 speedboat, that will be up for grabs pretty soon. Please note that only 30 units of this breathtaking speedboat were ever built and only a few of them are still out there.

Riva Ferrari 32

The luxury speedboat was inspired by Ferrari’s trademark Rosso Corsa coloration. It shows off an incredible hull inspired from Formula 1, with the Ferrari logo giving us a hint about performance and overall experience.

Powered by two 390 hp V8 Vulcano 400 engines, the hair-rising vessel will easily reach a top speed of 62 mph. To make petrol-heads feel comfortable on water, the Riva Ferrari 32 speedboat will be controlled through an automotive-styled steering mechanism. And w’m sure the soundtrack fits the racing atmosphere as well.

All you need now is time and money.

Riva Ferrari 32

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