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The Moonraker Speaker System is a 1970s Dream

Moonraker Speaker

The Moonraker Speaker System is just another marvelous example of state-of-the-art technology blending in with classic design lines in the most beautiful way possible. Handmade in California by the skilled craftsmen from Bossa, this sleek and sophisticated speaker system honors mid-century design, while being functional and modern at the same time.

Imagined with a curved polymer shell and three wooden legs made from black walnut, reclaimed teak or white ash, these superb speakers feature nothing the best components inside, to deliver that crisp and clear sound we’re all craving for. The speakers also come with wireless capabilities so you won’t have any trouble connecting them to your favorite devices. How cool is that?

Moonraker Speaker System

I have to admit that this set reminds me of another era when Led Zeppelin ruled the world, everyone was dancing in discos on Abba hits and those large, metallic and shiny stereo systems were all part of every cool bachelor pad. We’re in the dark regarding technical features and specs, but I think it’s safe to assume the Moonraker speaker system packs a serious punch when it comes to playing your favorite tunes.

Feel free to look up your old audio collection, while drooling over the incredible design of this system. The only thing that is missing right now is the price-tag for one of these beauties.

Moonraker Speaker System


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