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Review: Hotel Riva, a Rising Star on the Adriatic Coast in Montenegro

Hotel Riva Petrovac

Imagine a place where in just one day you could sit at the top of a snow covered mountain and in only a few hours you could relax on the beach, enjoying the sun’s warm rays. This is Montenegro, a country blessed by nature and surrounded by history – a magical mix of spectacular beaches, wild and rugged mountains, canyons, bays, and old towns, with so many wonderful things to see and experience.

From the breathtaking Bay of Kotor to the picture-perfect Sveti Stefan, there is something for everyone to enjoy here, that’s why Montenegro could be easily called a perfect vacation destination. We’ve been here just a few weeks ago and we’ve enjoyed every minute of our journey through this incredible country, and of course, we’ll surely return in the near future.

Our home for a few days in Montenegro was Petrovac, a beautiful seaside town, nestled in the middle of the Montenegrin coast, that was once a fisherman’s and sailor’s village. It might not be as popular as Budva, Bar or Kotor, but it’s probably the best starting point to discover the country’s amazing sights, and.. it also has one of the best beaches in Montenegro, plus a charming 16th century Venetian fortress named Kastel Lastva.

It was the perfect choice for us, especially because we’ve stayed there at the magnificent Riva Hotel, a luxurious retreat that was opened just a few months before, which sits right next to the azure blue Adriatic Sea.

First Impression

Hotel Riva Facade

It’s all about location, location, location, and the minute you arrive here you will be surprised by how close this hotel is to the beach and to the sea. Proudly sitting in the center of the Petrovac promenade, the wonderful Riva Hotel manages to stand out in the best way possible, with an elegant facade that contrasts beautifully with its surroundings, allowing everyone to get a glimpse of what to expect at this gorgeous hotel.

Everything is brand new and shining, and the attention to details is simply incredible, both outside and inside the hotel. If you arrive here by car, you’ll think of it like a hidden gem, as a narrow road takes you between old buildings to a brand new hotel that’s full of surprises. Our first shocker was when we found out that this hotel has a car elevator, taking you to a cool underground parking space – that’s not something you see too often and it’s just a statement of excellence.

Hotel Riva Reception

The reception was tastefully decorated, just like the rest of the hotel, and you could feel the quality of service, the high standards, and the cool atmosphere, the moment you get inside. The staff greeted us with a warm welcome and after checking-in, they’ve led us to our room, one of the 34 stunning guest accommodations on offer here.


Hotel Riva Double Room

Style, beauty and class. That’s how we can easily describe the gorgeous rooms at Hotel Riva. From the luxurious double or twin rooms, with wonderful sea, mountains or atrium views, to the extraordinary presidential suite, glancing upon the beach from the top floor of the hotel, every single accommodation at this hotel has been exceptionally well designed and features all the right amenities you might need in your vacation.

King size beds with premium linens, coffee and tee making facilities, a big LCD TV with satellite channels (you’ll surely find one from your country here), a fully stocked mini bar, and of course, air conditioning and free Wi-Fi, with a separate login for every room – that’s not something you see too often.

The advanced smart room automation system was a nice surprise as well, and it’s just another example of how much attention went into every single detail at this stunning hotel.

Hotel Riva Room

We got to stay in one of the wonderful double rooms with atrium view and, even though we didn’t get a chance to look at the sea every morning straight from our bed, I would highly recommend this option because it was extremely quiet. There’s a lot of action on the beach until very late in night, and if you want to relax and rest properly, this room is just perfect!

Everything felt high end, from the modern furniture and bespoke amenities to the tasteful descorations, and we really liked the fact that almost everything was personalized with Hotel RIVA. The hotel’s name will be surely stuck in your head after spending a few days here.

The gorgeous bathroom, with a huge walk-in shower, complements this room in the best way possible, while the large, shady balcony, that opens to the luxurious hotel atrium, was a welcomed bonus.

Hotel Riva Atrium view

But if you truly want to enjoy the best view in town, and an unforgettable experience, you have to go for the hotel’s lavish Presidential Suite. It’s probably one of the most amazing hotel suites in all Montenegro, without any exaggeration, with a massive outdoor terrace and a lovely jacuzzi where you might want to spend the rest of your days.

We didn’t get to stay there, but we’ve stopped by for a few minutes and checked out the suite, and it was almost too good to be true. All other accommodations are equally amazing, but this place was just surreal, especially that view from the jaccuzi.

Eating & Drinking

Hotel Riva Beach View

Proudly sitting in the center of Petrovac, the hotel’s elegant à la carte restaurant is nestled right next to the beach and literally just a few steps away from the Adriatic sea. It’s the perfect place to start a new day in this Monenegrin paradise, with an excellent breakfast, accompanied by the sound of the waves crashing into the beach; but the whole picture gets even better in the afternoon.

That’s when the atmosphere on the outdoor terrace becomes totally magical, as the sun sets right in front of you over the bay and your senses will be teased by many culinary delights, matched by a fine wine or a fresh cocktail. Your dining experience here will surely prove to be one of the highlights of your vacation.

Hotel Riva Restaurant

Inside, the restaurant is just as classy as the rest of the hotel, but let’s face it, you’ll probably want to dine on the outdoor terrace. The food was really great, that’s why we ate every day here, and the restaurant offers a wide variety of options, from classic fish and meat specialties, to a Italian treats like pasta, pizza and risotto.

We’re big fans of seafood, and we would have loved to see even more options like this, but all in all, the food was delicious and the staff was just brilliant!

Final Thoughts

Hotel Riva facade

Would we recommend Hotel Riva to anyone? Of course – we’ve already done it! This place is not only the best hotel in Petrovac, but also one of the most incredible hotels in all Montenegro.

The hotel’s location is just perfect, and its luxuriious accommodations, complemented by the excellent staff and the elgant a-la-carte restaurant will make your vacation here unforgettable. With just a few more amenities, Hotel Riva could easily become a 5-star hotel and that’s well deserved.

Hotel Riva Jacuzzi

Where: Hotel Riva, Petrovac
Obala bb, Petrovac 85300, Montenegro
Phone: +382 33 461 339


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