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The Mesmerizing Reethi Rah Resort in Maldives

Yet again we bring to your attention the incredible Maldives Archipelago, with its simple but gorgeous resorts. This time we’re “going” to the Malé’ atoll, to be more precise, to the Reethi Rah five-star resort, a project developed by One&Only. The resort comprises 12 beaches, included in the total of 3.7 miles of superb coastline.

The accommodation is made within the 130 villas present on the territory, each of them being unique, providing direct access to the lagoon and taking benefit of incredible ocean views. They also boast with private terraces and decks on water.

Vaunting their beautiful creation, One&Only characterized it “the ultimate holiday experience to those seeking the pinnacle of tropical luxury”. And this is absolutely true, keeping in mind that it represents exactly what we imagine when speaking of luxury retreats.

This gorgeous dream-spot is now open to attendance, each of the villas being rentable for costs between $950 and $6,700 per night, open 365 days out of 365. The prices depend on the season, villas and desired services.



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