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Deep Blue Catamaran by Ardoin Yacht Design and U-Boat Worx

By Adrian Prisca


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Designed after a collaboration between Ardoin Yacht Design (yacht builders, dealing with smaller 25 meter vessels to mega-yachts measuring 110 meters) and U-Boat Worx (Netherlands-based company, world leader in submersible building, classified by Germanischer Lloyd), the yacht we’re talking about is a gorgeous catamaran suggestively named Deep Blue – a superb cruiser, able to explore deep seas all around the world, thanks to its submarine support.

Cedric Ardoin, renowned yacht designer, used the “open-sporting” style and added the multipurpose principle, advanced high-tech and the collaboration with U-Boat Worx, thus creating this incredible piece of engineering. It is also made to support any of U-Boat’s submarine models.

The efficiency of this catamaran reduces the number of crew members, but keeps the accommodation to standards of up to 12 passengers. The propulsion system may be chosen from two options, like a class 4 water jet or an inboard diesel, both being able to ensure cruise speeds of up to 25-30 knots.

The C-Explorer Submarines benefit of the vessel’s back hydraulic platform, which helps lower down the watercraft when launched.  To emphasize the beauty and efficiency of the yacht, Cedric Ardoin declares: “The Deep Blue is the accomplishment of my yachting experiences, but this basic version can easily be personalized, by adding, for instance, crew cabins or research laboratories, extending the application to match the exact nature of the client’s need.”

This statement proves once again the focal point of Ardoin Yacht Design – luxury yachting. Putting away all these mechanics and gadgetry, and the possibility of travelling over almost all waters on the globe, it boasts a gorgeous color too!


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