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The MAINGEAR Rush 1ofONE Coke Esports Is A Cool Deal

By Victor Baker


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MAINGEAR Rush 1ofONE Coke Esports

Anyone wanting to cool off? Look no further than the stunning MAINGEAR Rush 1ofONE Coke Esports, an incredible gaming PC designed by Maingear after a surprising collaboration with Coca-Cola. This custom PC is actually an amazing blend of design and functionality, with a real glass Coke bottle as part of the build.

The liquid you see cooling this thing is definitely not Coca-Cola, as Maingear’s hand-crafted Crystal Hardline liquid cooling is the ideal way to go, if you plan on keeping this device working properly all day and all night long. This special liquid cooling technique is designed to prevent the parts inside your PC from overheating and guess what? It also helps to keep your Coke bottle cool.

According to Maingear, the Coca-Cola PC is just the first of many custom PCs to come, part of their bespoke 1ofONE series, so it’s fun speculating which other famous brands will team up with this company to create custom PCs in the future.

MAINGEAR Rush 1ofONE Coke Esports

Unfortunately for most of us, the MAINGEAR Rush 1ofONE Coke Esports is a one-off piece, which is why there’s no price-tag to talk about. But one lucky winner will be able to enjoy it, namely a fan who attended one of the viewing parties at the League of Legends World Championship.

Aside from the cool design, the future owner of this beauty will probably appreciate the high-tech hardware, which includes the custom crystal hardline water cooling, plus an Intel i7-6950X 10-Core CPU, dual NVIDIA GTX 1080 Graphics Cards, HyperX Fury 16GB DDR4-2666, Samsung 950 Pro 512GB M.2 NVMe and the EVGA X99 Micro 2. Impressed, yet?

MAINGEAR Rush 1ofONE Coke Esports


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