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Cherubim’s Hummingbird Bicycle Reminds Us Of Simpler Times

By Victor Baker


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Hummingbird Bicycle

Named Hummingbird, this exquisite bicycle was created by Cherubim, a Japanese company specialized in creating some of the world’s most incredible steel bikes. Cherubim was founded back in 1965 by Hitoshi Konno, and ust two years later it supplied the Japanese National Cycling Team at the 1968 Olympics.

Since then, the company has brought its legacy to present times with one-of-a-kind designs, like the two wheel masterpiece before you, mixing sculptural steel frames and Japanese artistic styling in the most beautiful way possible, and making the Hummingbird one of the most eye-catching bicycles on the planet right now.

Hummingbird Bicycle

Inspired by the streamlined designs of the 1930’s, the Hummingbird shows off tapered forms representing birds and fish. This amazing bicycle also includes a traditional seat tube and an arched back that adds to the overall elegance and retro-futuristic vibe of this beauty.

Designed in collaboration with Simon Taylor of London-based art and design collective Tomato, the bicycle is definitely a winner – literally. It already won an award for being the best bike of the show at the North American Handmade Bicycle Show, and if you ask us, that’s not surprising at all. We’d love to ride one around town to see how it feels like.

Hummingbird Bicycle

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