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The Main Benefits of Installing Elevators in Your Home

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As technology advances, amenities like home elevators are now more available than before. They can increase your home’s value while being a key selling point by helping seniors be more mobile. And they let you age in place, so you don’t have to lose your independence. Indoor elevators are especially a great fit in contemporary houses. Plus, they’re easy to use and don’t make much noise in the process.

Make Your Home More Luxurious

Installing luxury residential elevators for the home will add an air of style and sophistication to your residence. The variety of designs means you’ll find something for every taste. They have long been considered a luxury item, and that’s still true today. But with lower costs for installation and the parts, more people can get them. Having an elevator at home can also make your home significantly more valuable, meaning it is a profitable investment.

Many homebuyers are more interested in houses that have elevators since they’re considering the future. They want to age in place, and this tool can help them maintain mobility and comfort in their golden years. Even if you think it’ll be a few more years before you significantly benefit, having one now can increase the resale value.

A Healthy and Safe Option

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An elevator is beneficial for those who aren’t as mobile, such as seniors, since they can eliminate accidents that might happen on the stairs. Some also let you limit access so only certain members of the household can use it. You can also use them with security packages to make your property more secure. Elevators have safety equipment such as power backup, cable security equipment, and emergency stop and alarms. They might also come with door interlock systems and telephones, allowing you to get help if you have an emergency.

Since carrying bulky items isn’t good for seniors, elevators are an option to ease the burden. In general, these tools make it easier to move bulky or heavy items. That’s especially true when you’re moving groceries or decorating. If you have small kids in the home, an elevator can be a lifesaver. Little ones often find it daunting to navigate stairs. And even young children can be surprisingly heavy, so carrying them upstairs or down might result in injuries. If you slip and fall, you could both be injured. But this tool lets you easily move kids between floors.

Have a Custom Design

The New Lifton Home Lift - full of surprises

As technology advances, elevators and their motors no longer need to take up as much space. Today, you can find some designs that take up less room than a stairwell. You can install them on the exterior of your home to be flush with a wall. With a custom design, you can open up space that wasn’t available previously. The design and nature can differ significantly.

There are also different methods of powering the lift, including hydraulic, cable, or pneumatic. With these different options, you’re sure to find one that meets your needs. You’ll also get to pick the dimension, size, materials, lighting, and flooring.


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