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The lovely water-massage Bed Senso from I.So Benessere

By Adrian Prisca


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The new I.SO BENESSERE line from I.So Italia SpA comes with a brand new water-bed for beauty, massage and relaxation centers called SENSO which can do many things to make you feel a lot better. The new water massage bed can be used in conjuction with the CHIC hanging module which contains lamps for collagen stimulation.

Senso comes with an optional, an innovative water massage system that uses water jets welded into the mattress which have adjustable direction to point in the desired area. Everyone could enjoy a lovely massage throughout the beauty treatments or relaxation session while the electronically controlled chromo-therapy programs ensure total relaxation.

The mattress of the Senso water-bed features communicating compartments designed to reduce as far as possible the wave-effect produced by movement. The bed is crafted in anti-allergic plastic and features anti-aging techniques for long usage. A special tank supporting the mattress has been designed to contain leakages of water and to avoid any contact with other parts of the equipment.

The external trim of this relaxing water bed is made of wood, combined with imitation leather which makes it look like a really comfortable bed.

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