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Large-Scale Crocodile Skin Bathroom Tiles from Petracer

By Adrian Prisca


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Italian manufacturer Petracer has come up with this great idea of making bathroom tiles imitating the colourful crocodile skin that will definitely make any bathroom a lot more stylish. These amazing tile designs are part of the company’s special Savana collection, inspired by wildlife, tiles that are finished with modern techniques that ensure contemporary quality.

With this unique crocodile skin pattern, the tiles will make your bathroom classy and fun but they will also give it a wild side, creating the perfect setting for a modern and surprisingly beautiful design. Just like crocodile skin-alike handbags or shoes immediately capture everyone’s attention, this bathroom will be surely appreciated by everyone who will check it out.

The large-scale crocodile skin bathroom tiles have a glossy finish which blends the contemporary look with the basic, natural beauty. The Savana collection from Petracer also features other animal patterns that can recreate the wilderness of the savana in your own bathroom.


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  1. These look great! I can imagine some of the bolder-coloured ones starting to appear in the toilets of some trendy bars. They do look really bold, stylish and something very different if you’re looking to make an impression or statement. I’ll keep a look out for them. Thanks for the post.

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