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The World’s Largest Luxury Yacht is priced at $1 Billion

By Adrian Prisca


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Eclipse Superyacht

The world’s largest luxury yacht is Eclipse, owned by Russian billionaire and Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich, an amazing 536 ft-long yacht which is 5 ft longer than Dubai, the previous yacht which hold the record for the world’s largest boat. Eclipse features eleven luxurious guest cabins with 6 ft home cinema screens each and breathtaking amenities, two swimming pools, a disco hall and even two helicopter pads.

The larger swimming pool can be even turned into a dance floor when the water is drained out. Guests of the Eclipse can enjoy partying here without worrying about paparazzi because this luxury yacht has a special electronic shield which protects the yacht from unwanted attention. A maximum security system which includes a missile detector and a bullet proof glass for the master suite makes it one of the most protected yachts out there as well.

The Eclipse superyacht also features three launch boats and even a mini submarine if guests want to explore the waters around. It’s price? The largest luxury yacht in the world is probably the most expensive as well and it’s priced at $1.2 Billion.

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