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The lovely Louis Vuitton Lockit jewelry collection

By Adrian Prisca


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In the world of luxury and fashion, one thing is extremely clear: whenever we hear of Louis Vuitton, we think of top quality, high-end luxury and exclusivity. The brand is renowned for the incursions it boldly takes into the unknown, out of the main field of expertise, bringing forth new designs, materials and color mixes. Their most recent creation is aimed for women, a staggering collection of jewelry.

Reportedly named the Lockit jewelry collection, it has been unveiled just in time for the upcoming Valentine’s Day. The designs behind the Lockit remind of Louis Vuitton’s love padlocks, features the brand has used all along its impressive history. The Lockit thereby arrives to accompany the Empreinte and Monogram collections, which were also revealed by the brand pretty recently.

The Lockit includes a total of 15 different pieces finished in 18-carat yellow, grey or rose gold, from bracelets to rings and pendants. They all feature a unique padlock, engraved with the logo of Louis Vuitton – a symbolic seal for everything you feel towards your beloved. Furthermore, the padlock is a wonderful ornament on the pendants and rings, while on the hinged bracelets, coming with a key, it works as a clasp. Customers are also able to acquire more expensive and more glittering pieces, with a double band of diamonds.

We have prepared for you photos of some of the jewels included by the Lockit collection. There is an exquisite yellow gold necklace, with a padlock and keys as pendants, priced at £1,241 ($1,995). The collection further includes a necklace and a gorgeous white gold bracelet that has been encrusted with diamonds. It costs £10,262 ($16,503), while the necklace can be acquired at £1,324 ($2,130). Priced at £3,310 ($5,322), one of the best in the series is a magnificent white gold ring, embellished with  diamonds.

And the high prices keep rising – here is this superb white and yellow gold bracelet, for which the brand is asking a whopping £4,758 ($7,650). Those interested may find the collection in LV stores.


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