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The Louis Vuitton writing collection unveiled

By Adrian Prisca


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Forget about e-mails, SMS messages and all other newly developed ways to communicate from afar. Louis Vuitton wants to bring back the ages when people used to write letters without the help of keyboards, but with pens. They have recently come up with an interesting collection of exquisite writing utensil.

The fabled brand’s collection features paper products and elegant writing instruments. The fountain pens for example are beautifully encased in alligator leather while the envelopes feature trunk closures on their flaps. There’s also the possibility of engraving the items with anything the customer wants, therefore adding a bit of customization to these luxury packages.

In addition, the superb fountain pens “feature a patented mechanism that protects the inside cartridges from leakage due to pressure changes from air travel.” An interesting and very useful feature considering that many of the future users of these utensils are probably magnates which use personal jets far more often than cabs.

In fact, the plethora of writing utensils includes luxury fountains pens, rollers in “different shapes and designs”, ballpoint pens, pencil etc. There is also a pot of ink available for $44. The leather-trimmed fountain pen though can be purchased for a whopping $2,220.

This opulent collection will be debuting at a pop-up boutique at 6 Place Saint-Germain-des-Prés named Le Cabinet d’Ecriture Louis Vuitton (in English – Louis Vuitton’s writing room), on the 13th of December. Put shortly, this is what a Christmas gift should mean, for the rich folk, of course.


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