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The Louis Vuitton Polo Bike makes polo more stylish

By Adrian Prisca


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Polo was first invented one millennia and a half ago and used to be a game for the rich and wealthy, soon becoming one of their symbols. Recently people have been reinventing the whole systematic of the game, from gears to the means of propulsion, from horses to bikes.

The Italian designer Louis Vuitton seeks to add his name into the world of Polo, introducing the Louis Vuitton Polo Bike, thus enhancing the exclusivity factor of this game even more. The project was developed with the help of two renowned professional Polo players, the Frenchmen Hennes Hengst and Gregory Barbier.

They’ve taken in consideration both the sporty nature of the game and the glamour that it has to offer. The most exquisite additions with which the bike was festooned are the leather wrapped bike shaft, etched bar plugs, special machine chaining by Victoire, stitched and embossed leather paddle straps and mallet holders, plus more equipment that features the hollow body of the mallet head, helmet and, of course, gloves.

The bike is crafted with exceptional attention to detail, from the checkered wheel cover to exquisite details and superb textures. The paint job is done according to the most squeamish tastes, very elegant. Even though the efficiency of the bike is not at a hundred percent, concerning style Louis Vuitton has really done a fantastic job.

The prices are presumed to match the quality, style and name of the bike, even though we do not have any detailing on it yet.


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