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Cool Pillows Featuring Vintage Cameras Painted on Canvasses

By Adrian Prisca


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There are a lot of gifts available for photography enthusiasts out there, from extremely advanced cameras to plastic toys, but this set could really be the best choice, for such a fan. It represents a collection of pillows with vintage cameras painted on canvases.

The design of these pillows makes them stand out from any other decorations alike, but the way the Vintage Amica Eyelux camera that was used as a model for these pillows is put on them makes us deeply enjoy their looks, and it’s entirely original.

Even though they’re not actually suitable of sleeping on them, they may be well used as gorgeous decorations for that corner of the house a photography-addict would call his own. They come in various sizes and shapes, perfect for a vintage-designed home, or simply, a minimalist living spot.

They can be purchased online at Etsy, for $42 per set. Still, the price may seem low, but their value will surely be high in the hearts of camera-guys/girls, simply due to the originality they were designed with.


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