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The Limited Edition zai & Moncler Grenoble Skis

By Victor Baker


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zai & Moncler Grenoble Skis

Moncler is a brand that has always been associated with winter, with all those superb views, spectacular snow and wintery mountains. And ever since the brand has made a name for itself, various ad hoc collaborations with premier partners from the outdoor sports sector have transformed dreams into reality.

That is the case right now as well, with the French company introducing a new limited edition ski collection together with zai, that’s simply titled zai & Moncler Grenoble. Showing off zai’s unique character, the new collaborative project also offers an essential part of the new Moncler Grenoble High Performance world.

Skiing enthusiasts will probably notice the impeccable design and the handcrafted details right away, as this new high-tech line is inspired by the classic models made by zai.

zai & Moncler Grenoble Skis

The wonderful collection of skis will be available in limited numbers, handcrafted by excellent, specially trained artisans, in the heart of Switzerland at zai. Every ski will be made using a special material patented by Moncler, a mix of carbon, steel, aluminum, thermoplastic and rubber, which ensures high-endurance, exceptional performance, and torsion.

The limited edition skis will feature a special zai & Moncler Grenoble kit, including a special brand logo and carbon ski poles with retro leather grips. A sponge and wax set have also been added to the mix, leaving you to choose your preferred winter destination and give these skis a run for their money.

zai & Moncler Grenoble Skis

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