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The jaw-dropping Jade Mountain Resort in St. Lucia

By Adrian Prisca


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The Jade Mountain Resort Santa Lucia is situated on Morne Chastanet, with a view over Santa Lucia’s Piton World Heritage site and, of course, the Caribbean sea. Luxury tells its word from the buildings in the resort to the pools; they are custom illuminated, at the guest’s choice, with fiber optic light-effects, they are all surfaced in glass tiles, specially designed for the resort.

Occupying an average area of 450 to 900 ft, they each belong to the respectively sized-rooms. Therefore, there are 3 room categories: Moon, Sun and Star. One can choose between swimming and lounging into shallow waters. Each pools goes with its own bathroom, any one of them uniquely decorated in such a manner that they fit together in size and shape.

They are decorated in 2 different patterns: an iridescent side facing outwards, while a smooth side combines with the bathroom. These intricate details and the layout of the decorations let out a strong, rather bold personality. We should also mention that the tile sets are handmade, each tile being crafted manually.

This resort combines all natural elements into a stand-alone one, through design and effects, the dusks and dawns provide incredibly natural light-shows, all of these being created to make on feel like a star in the sky.

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