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The new Canon EOS-1D X DSLR camera

By Adrian Prisca


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Following the EOS-1Ds Mark III launched back in 2007, this brand new professional model, the EOS-1D X DSLR, is the first full-frame camera from Canon. The company also dealt with the full-size CMOS 36×24 mm sensor.

With two DIGIC 5+ image processors, courtesy of Canon, this new model’s design reduces image noise greatly compared to other DSLr models, even though it only has 18,1 MP. In conclusion, the ISO range got to 51,200, and 204,800 with boost. Furthermore, images can be modified inside the camera.

This camera is a great step forward compared to other 5 fps full frame devices, thanks to the 61 AF points. Its reactions are quick as well, even at rates of 10-12 fps, though it hasn’t yet got near the Phantom. This model is perfect for creating videos, being capable of post-production editing, thanks to some innovative compression formats that are implemented in its software.

It has many more functions for video-editing, a huge leap compared to the 5D Mark II. Sound processors are also integrated, a suitable example being the wind-filter, so, this makes sounds-editors almost useless. It’ll cost $6,800, as a body-only configuration. The official launch will occur in March 2012.


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