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The Goldmund Logos Anatta Speaker System Makes Your Ferrari Seem Cheap

By Victor Baker


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If you’re thinking of audio-video giants, Goldmund probably won’t ring a bell for most of you, but audiophiles who are willing to spare no expense to fully enjoy their favorite songs within their home know this brand pretty well. For them and for the rest of us, Goldmund has revealed the stunning Logos Anatta ultra luxury home entertainment system.

Designed to bring a touch of exclusivity to an already fabulous home, the Logos Anatta is a rather interesting set of speakers that could provide more than just great audio. Based on a limited edition set from 25 years ago, the speaker system pays homage to the ‘Apologue’ system that was designed by Italian artist Claudio Rotta Loria.

Looking like a set of three cubes of different sizes, the Logos Anatta stands at 1.6 meters tall and seems to be ideally designed for contemporary homes. Boasting the traditional Goldmund aluminum motif, with stain finish and black frames, these wireless speakers were manufactured using high quality steel, ultra-rigid brass rhodium, and a touch of gold. How’s that for quality?

The Logos Anatta speakers are assembled by hand, following a manufacturing process similar to those used by Swiss watchmakers. The speakers have been designed to offer audio quality comparable to reality. According to the company, this can be achieved through a process known as “Proteus”, a Speaker Modeling technology that allows the engineers of the Goldmund Acoustic Laboratory to create speakers of any shape without affecting sound quality.

Courtesy of an USB dongle for your PC, audio signals can easily reach the speakers, while a wireless hub can be used need you connect multiple devices to the speakers. Even the power cord was concealed and runs within the frame. The price for this wicked speaker set? How does $295,000 sound?


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