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The Cruise Sub Will Take You Deeper Than Jules Verne Ever Dreamed Of

By Victor Baker


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Cruise Sub

Luxury cruise ships allow their passengers to explore some of the most beautiful and exotic places around the world. But the ability to discover the world beneath the ship will take anyone’s imagination far beyond its known limits.

With several ships already carrying U-Boat Worx submersibles, the company went even further, developing a new and unique range of submersibles. Specifically designed for use aboard cruise ships, yachts and resorts around the world, the Cruise Sub 5, Cruise Sub 7 and Cruise Sub 9 will provide for the next level of excitement in every vacationer’s life.

These cool submersibles meet international standards and can be operated non-stop for up to 12 hours. With no impact on the marine environment, this is an enjoyable, as well as ecologically sound activity.

Cruise Sub

High passenger capacities of 5, 7 or 9 persons – including the pilot – and the ability to reach depth of up to 1,140 meters, make these submersibles truly unique. The ‘double sphere’ design offers an unparalleled field of vision, while the revolving seats add to the overall exciting experience.

It’s no wonder that the Netherlands-based submersible manufacturer is seeing an increased demand for their products. These submersibles provide the same design and engineering excellence as all other U-Boat Worx models, which translates into unparalleled reliability, safety and passenger comfort.

With low maintenance requirements, simple ‘plugin’ power recharging systems and comprehensive checklist procedures, these submersibles are obviously here to stay.

Cruise Sub

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