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Vladimir Putin’s Porsche-Powered Limo Looks Tough

By Victor Baker


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Vladimir Putin limo

Vladimir Putin is apparently getting ready to take delivery of his new, extraordinary limousine, a Russian-made vehicle called Kortezh or Cortege. This incredible project, which set the Russians back $54 million this year alone, was specifically designed for the transportation of the country’s top government officials.

It will be available in four different body styles, limousine, sedan, SUV and minivan and furthermore, it will be up for the grabs for all Russians who can afford it too. Oligarchs, we’re talking about you here.

Vladimir Putin limo

This impressive vehicle is set to be revealed in 2017, at the Central Scientific Research Automobile and Automotive Engines Institute (NAMI) in Moscow, with Porsche collaborating on Kortezh’s powertrain development. The rest remains a mystery, although there are rumors about a powerful V12 turbo engine hiding under the bonnet.

Of course, the Kortezh or Cortege will be probably bulletproof as well, because the most important people in Russia have to be protected at all costs, right? Deliveries of the first lot of Kortezh cars is set to begin by the end of 2017, with President Putin expecting to receive a model from the initial batch.

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