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The Covenant Will Make You Move To Rancho Santa Fe

By Victor Baker


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The Covenant

There are luxury homes and then there is this architectural dream, located at 17111 El Vuelo, Rancho Santa Fe. Dubbed as ‘The Covenant’, with probably no connection to the movie, this jaw dropping piece of property is one of the most coveted homes in the United States, and it’s now up for the grabs for ‘just’ $45 million.

We’re saying just, because this stunning residence took a massive $15 million price cut, after it was listed for $60 million back in late 2015. The lavish 26,000-square-feet mansion was completed over a 7-year period and was commissioned by Qualcomm co-founder Andrew Viterbi.

Designed by the brilliant Guy Dreier, this  modern home sits on a 22.22-acre estate, with astounding grounds carefully imagined by landscape architect Theresa Clark, that seem to overshadow the natural beauty around.

The Covenant

This is a smart house, as you’d expect considering its current owner. meaning energy and waste are monitored closely. Completely self-sufficient and benefitting from solar panels that power up everything inside, this wonderful property can brag about almost no costs on the electricity bill.

The spacious living areas can be put to entertaining use while maintaining a warmth and an all around good vibe, while the six bedrooms and ten bathrooms, spread throughout the home, will make you sure you have enough room for your friends or family.

Of course, the lucky owner of this extraordinary mansion will get to enjoy the best of the best, and there’s an entire level dedicated to the master suite. Also worth mentioning are the acres of citrus groves, a lovely swimming pool, a regulation tennis court and also a basketball court.

The Covenant


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