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Boucheron’s Lierre de Paris Collection Honors Nature’s Triumphs

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Lierre de Paris

It was the year 1858 when Frédéric Boucheron decided to open a jewelry shop in the Palais Royale arcade. Sitting just across from the Louvre, he couldn’t help but notice the ivy slowly overtaking every single inch of the handsome buildings.

Boucheron was always fascinated with the wilder side of nature, which is what also inspired the brand’s new Lierre de Paris collection. Showing off white gold and diamonds, covering a necklace, rings, and two secret watches, this exquisite new collection exemplifies¬†the untamed nature of life in the most stunning of ways.

There are seven new designs, which were displayed alongside some historical pieces, reminding us of Boucheron’s fascination for the nature and intrigue. Among these pieces, we have to mention a necklace made up of freeform vine leaves and a charming Lily of the Valley tiara dating from 1893, reminiscent of freshly picked flowers.

Lierre de Paris

The Lierre de Paris necklace, the masterpiece of this collection, features nine ivy leaves sprouting from a realistic tendril encircle the neck as if it has stealthily crept up on the wearer. Each diamond-laden leaf allows the jewel to shiver with the slightest movement, just like real ivy moving in the breeze.

The collection also includes a smaller necklace,¬†as well as a¬†ring, a¬†hand-spanning ring, a brooch pendant, and earrings, all showing off the very same luxurious vibe and attention to details as you’d expect. As mentioned earlier, there¬†are also two secret watches in this wonderful line, the larger of them coiling three times around the wrist.

A traditional white gold automatic wristwatch, the Epure Lierre de Paris, boasts diamond ivy details on either a black or white mother-of-pearl dial. I guess you are not really left without options.

Lierre de Paris


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